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Non-Degree Student Course

1. Purpose

TOHO GAKUEN SCHOOL OF MUSIC offers this NON-DEGREE STUDENT COURSE to foreign students for study and practical experience.

2. Qualifications

Applicants must have a minimum of a high school degree. Exceptions are considered in special cases. Send the documents of qualifications along with the following application forms:

 *form SSA-A
 *curriculum vitae, including musical history
 *academic record from final school
 *certificate of graduation from final school
 *recommendation from a teacher in the major instrument
 *guarantee from a Japanese sponsor
 *certificate of Japanese-language ability from a Japanese teacher or the ambassador
 *all major: a recording material (tape/CD) of major instrument
  (only for composition major: a recording material or a piece of composition) 

3. Term

Not fixed. For example, if you want to study more than a year, application must be made each year, and the applicant will be re-examined and re-evaluated.

4. Application Time

You can apply at any time.

5. Admission

Admission is based on qualifications, form SSA-A and a tape/CD recording of the applicant’s instrument. We notify you of the result by mail.

6. Lectures Available

Foreign students are allowed to take lectures, but some restrictions are to be made according to their Japanese-language ability.

7. Grades and Credits

Foreign students can take lessons, classes and examinations, and thereby receive grades.  However, credits are not granted.

8. Course Fee

The fee is 312,000 yen per course for one year.  It is changeable according to the duration of your enrollment.

9. Examination Fee

Examination fee is 27,500 yen.

Information for Non-Degree Student

1. Academic Calendar

Our academic calendar begins in April and ends in the following March. There are two examination terms in July and January; the duration of each one is two weeks. At the period between each semester, there are no lessons. August and September are summer vacation. In February and March you have no classes because of the entrance examination and spring vacation. During the summer vacation, you have no lessons but you can practice in a classroom at school.

2. Non-Degree Student Course

We have this course only for foreign students. The term is not fixed, so you can take several-month course, or one-year course or more. A non-degree student is not a full-time but a part-time student. This might effect the scholarship you may apply for. Please ask the authority about the qualifications before you make scholarship application. We do not have any scholarship for non-degree students.

3. Living Place

We do not help you find your living place.


  1. Non-degree student will not receive a certificate for the completion of the course, graduation or degree, but will receive a certificate of registration to show attendance at our school.
  2. We do not provide Japanese-language courses for non-degree students.
  3. We do not provide accommodation for non-degree students.
  4. We do not provide scholarship for foreign students.
  5. Non-degree students are permitted to practice in classrooms under the same conditions as full-time students.

Application Form

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