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Message from the president

The perfection of art can be found in a dialogue with another person.

So, what do we need for a dialogue with another person?

It begins with imagination. The part you see in the other person is close to insignificant. Unless you use your imagination and expand it, you are not seeing anything, and this is no exaggeration.When you smell the scent of one single wild flower, you can materialize several other fragrances in your heart based on  your imagination.


In fact, me and the other person are completely disconnected. But, as I look at the other person, by remembering the sensation of being looked at, the other person will understand the sensation of being looked at by me. The mutual replacement of sensation and perception leads to the expansion of imagination and at the same time to be down- to- earth.


The art of music is most skillful in that. Please train your perception by both playing solo and ensemble, and expand your imagination about other people. Here in Toho, you will find indication for that everywhere. The world will show you a new face when you have acquired the skill for a musical dialogue. Toho is a place to provide you with those opportunities.

President Tokihiko Umezu

Tokihiko Umezu, President


1948 The Music School for Children established in Kudan, Tokyo
1950 Music School Orchestra organized
1952 A co-educational course of music established in Toho High School for Girls
1953 The Music School for Children relocated to Sengawa in Chofu City,Tokyo
1955 Toho Gakuen Junior College of Music established
1961 Toho Gakuen Junior College became Toho Gakuen College Music Department (four years)
1995 Toho Orchestra Academy established in Toyama
1999 Toho Gakuen Graduate School of Music established in Toyama

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