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Message from the president

I am hoping that this message finds you all safe and well. Three years have passed since the COVID-19 seriously affected our daily lives. Although we have to adjust our ways of living to struggle with the disease, I hope we shall overcome these hard times at last. I am Akiko TATSUMI, president of Toho Gakuen School of Music, and an alumna of the 12th generation students of it. It is my pleasure to address you here.


Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the foundation of our institution, I am filled with deep emotion to find that Toho Gakuen has now become such a large school as consists of about 1,700 students just counting those of Sengawa campus which has the music school for children, the music high school, the 4-year college and the graduate school, and those of Toyama campus which has the orchestra academy and the graduate school. We will have a larger number if we count the students studying at our local music schools for children all over Japan. Good news for us and for our students, too, is that our new school buildings including Toho Gakuen Munetsugu Hall have now been completed after their start of construction eight years ago, which is the result of great support by faculty members, staff and all the people involved in the project. Happy thing is that successful news of our students and our alumni can be read in the headlines of the media. It is grateful for us to keep the significance of Toho Gakuen despite these difficult times.


Looking toward the future 10 years from now, we must set a clear, ideal goal by contemplating what should be and should not be changed. Our students have a strong will and practice very hard with their devoted teachers day by day. To nurture our musical sensitivities, the only way is constant efforts.


Supporting these students dedicated to their study, and providing a place for them where they can grow to work in global society, we hope to send forth the musicians of integrity with both profound musicality and good sociality, who can contribute, through music, to our society and the international community.


In order to do this, looking with caring eyes at individual students, their parents, faculty, staff, and those around us, we should respect each of us so that we can realize and encourage a sense of unity. Your continued support will be greatly appreciated.

President Akiko Tatsumi

Akiko Tatsumi, President


1948 The Music School for Children established in Kudan, Tokyo
1950 Music School Orchestra organized
1952 A co-educational course of music established in Toho High School for Girls
1953 The Music School for Children relocated to Sengawa in Chofu City,Tokyo
1955 Toho Gakuen Junior College of Music established
1961 Toho Gakuen Junior College became Toho Gakuen College Music Department (four years)
1995 Toho Orchestra Academy established in Toyama
1999 Toho Gakuen Graduate School of Music established in Toyama

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